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Who is Cherine Anderson?

The Singer/Songwriter

“Making music is like food to my soul. It make me feel good, it’s powerful, it heals…I hope people feel inspired when they experience my music too.” – Cherine Anderson

Cherine Anderson is one of Jamaica’s leading young female singer/songwriters, actress and performers. Her genre defying grooves coupled with her powerful voice and thought provoking lyrics has brought her in front of well over 1,000,000 live audience fans, in places such as Jamaica, Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA. Learn more

The Actress

I’ve been very fortunate to play very different roles both in film and theatre. It is always important that people can relate to the experience of each character.” – Cherine Anderson

Cherine Anderson is an award winning Jamaican actress known for roles in screen projects such as Dancehall Queen and One LoveBorn and raised in East Kingston Jamaica, she started performing during her  elementary school years at Excelsior Primary. She co-starred alongside Idris Elba and Kymani Marley (Son of Bob Marley) in One Love. She was awarded Best actress in a Feature for this film at the MTV2/ Urban World Film Festival. Learn more

Motivational Speaker

Cherine gives it to you real! The energetic and dynamic speaker engages and entertains her audiences one keynote,  one conversation at a time. Helping teens and college students identify their gifts, celebrate their uniqueness and get focused on achieving their dream. Cherine frequently keynotes at youth conferences and has supported Universities and agencies such as WIPO (UN), IPO(Trinidad), UNICEF, JAMPRO to name a few. Learn more


“I believe we all have a collective responsibility to the future and my wish is that each person will do all we can to provide the best education and support for youths” – Cherine Anderson

Coupled with the success of dominating both dancehall and reggae charts; Cherine Anderson remains an advocate for education and sustainable mentorship programs for inner-city youths in her country. A product of the volatile inner-city community of Rockfort, in East Kingston Jamaica, she co-founded the Reach One Child “ROC” Foundation with Patrick Lindsay, while attending the Middlebury College (USA). Learn more

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Cherine Anderson is a world class entertainer and speaker. Her powerful voice and thought provoking lyrics has brought her in front of well over 1,000,000 live audience fans worldwide, winning multiple awards along the way. Host of #CherineaCupaDay, an inspirational vlog and Power Living with Cherine Anderson, a weekly real estate show, she uses her multiple platforms to inspire fans worldwide. She continues to help students in Jamaica through her Reach One Child "ROC" Foundation, offering educational scholarships and mentorship programs.

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