Everyone’s On Their Journey

By Cherine Anderson

🚨 People will not stay with you forever

𝗥𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿: Everyone’s on their journey too!

When I started in the music business it would bother me when we would find a team of musicians that I truly loved working with, then they would move on to work with other musicians (sometimes even while they were still working with me).

In my insecure mind, I thought I was spending all the money I had, I wanted to create something super special and I felt like my ‘special’ was being shared (or given) to other artist before I could perfect it. 👀

And to keep it 💯 some of them I saw on stage performing with others before they came to work with me… 💅

(You see how many ‘I’s were in those last two sentence?) 😂 😆

What a complete waste of time, energy, life 🗑… brain space.

Listen there is something so wonderfully liberating when you realize that it’s not about you…

🤝Your gift is something God gives you to help others.
🏟Your gift has and will always create room for you.
🔓Your gift will unlock gifts for other people.
🙌🏾 Their gifts will unlock something in you that you couldn’t do on my own…

And every person is on their special journey, with responsibilities and dreams of their own.

When I decided to just guh hard and genuinely just pour out everything and support everyone (stay or leave), I ended up with more local hits and a heart full of gratitude.

Even the legendary, award-winning musicians started calling and came to work for me in droves.

So let me say it louder for all musicians 😝… Just make the damn music.

I’m EXCITED to be working on new music and thinking of putting together a new band…

𝗧𝗔𝗚 a musician or vocalist you think would make a good fit for my band

(Ps. You can also Tag yourself, tell me your instrument and country)

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