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Jealousy will rot your bones

Yup! Hit favorite on this and can comeback to it whenever you start to feel that emotion.

Jealousy is an absolutely wasted emotion!

I’ll confess, I’ve looked at some situations and said if I had the opportunity “I know I could have taken it to a whole other level” , “I know my team could have brought more value to the people”…

Only to get a peak behind what they had to sacrifice, who they stepped on or hurt, what things they omitted or lied about, a glimpse of their true intentions.

This insight sent me right on my knees praying for forgiveness and THANKING God for NOT giving me what I thought I wanted.

💡 Be patient. Whatever opportunities are for you will be for you.

It feels better to get that off my chest and out into the world. Now it’s your turn…

Have you been jealous about something that you later realized might have killed you?

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